Hey! I’m Ethan, owner and trainer at PityTheFool Fitness, an Edmonton and area based personal training and fitness provider. I pursued my ACE Certification at Elevated Learning Academy in 2015, driven by a lifelong passion for sports and coaching. When I was younger, I was an avid volleyball and soccer player, as I got older my focus shifted towards hockey and football, both playing and coaching the latter. My interests are now directed to Olympic Weightlifting, though my love for team sports will never wane!

As a personal trainer I have had the privilege of helping people reach their physical goals inside and outside of the gym! As of the fall of 2018, my calling in life shifted towards mental health as well! A survivor of more than a decade of abuse myself, I began sharing my personal story on social media with the hopes that I could help just ONE person keep fighting another day. Fast forward a couple years and my Mental Health Advocacy has grown by leaps about bounds, appearing on podcast, in interviews and speaking to both small and large groups! In June of 2020 I was blessed to help organize and speak at the “Be The Change Digital Rally” (a rally on social injustice and systemic racism) which laid the ground work for other protests as well as lobbying for change in the province of Alberta.  Now my work blends both physical fitness and mental health daily, working with people from all walks of life to achieve a healthier happier self.

Outside of sports and fitness, my other passion is music. You might find me behind a drum kit, singing along to the radio, or more than likely beat boxing to it. My youngest daughter seems to have found the same rhythm, which I can’t wait to nurture in her! Being a father has been incredibly humbling, rewarding, and has taught me a lot about both my strengths and weaknesses. Being a part of her growth and the growth of my oldest daughter is my greatest joy.

My goal in working with clients is to help you find a love for fitness, a healthy lifestyle, and more importantly a love for yourself. I want to train not only the body, but the mind as well; Finding your focus, affirming your goals and ability to attain them. I love sharing my knowledge and educating my clients on proper form, technique and movement patterns. Giving you the ability to feel safe and confident when training and working out on your own. I take pride in my programs, tailoring them to your individual and fluctuating needs, making sure that the road to success is as smooth as possible. I welcome ALL fitness levels and walks of life, accepting the challenge of every unique individual and situation I am presented with. If you need anything from injury prevention to athletic development, weight loss to keeping up with your kids/grandkids, I want to be there. Supporting you, guiding you, and walking with you towards YOUR best self, whatever that may feel like or look like.

Grace and Peace,



Ethan Woodham