Lifted Hands – My Interpretation

I’ll fight with lifted hands,
cause my God is my defense!
So I can fight with lifted hands,
cause he holds it all!

Yes I know I’ve shared it repeatedly, and most of you are annoyed by now. Especially ones who dont have the same religion mindset that I do. That’s okay, tune out if you need too 🙂 still love you. There is just something about these words that strike my heart every single time I hear them.

 I hear them as a declaration of faith. In its purest form. “I’ll fight with lifted hands” that line goes against everything I know about fighting and warfare. But it speaks to the enormity AND grace in the strength of God. We ask so often for the strength and courage to make it through things, to survive this or help with that. This line states that we as believers and non believers alike need only lift our hands and give it to God. Reach out for help. 

The next line my God is my defense speaks to the authority He has to get to through any trial and tribulation that you find yourself in. (when they sing the next line it changes a few times but I will stick with one of the most profound ways it’s sang) “SO I can fight with lifted hands”, is the realization that our faith in God gives us the ability to defeat any enemy comes at us.

 “Cause he holds it all” pretty straight forward REMINDER as Christians that we believe in a God who we proclaim has control, but so often we ourselves try to take the reins and feel even less in control. SURRENDER to step into your POWER, give it to God, release the stress, let go of the exhausting, inconceivable pain and strain you feel… God’s calling you back to him!

“Give me that so you may rest and find victory in the surrender.” Is what I hear in my heart when I belt this song out.