You Can’t Have Them

I figured out something throughout this process. Throughout this train wreck of a start to my life. Throughout the ups and downs, highs and super lows… And this goes for SO many successful and yet to be successful people. Some of us go through unspeakable horrors early on in our lives, you know the first 25 years we’ll say. We get attacked and attacked and attacked, seems like all we see are demons trying to extinguish our flame.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…they are trying to break us down, because they know if we reach our full potential, to see the worth we have… To realize we are greater than our adversary…it makes us VERY dangerous people!! The things we are capable of when we believe just a little bit in ourselves, is great enough that Satan’s gotta send what he can before we wake up and find our worth. He knows he is going to lose more to the Kingdom of God because people like me are going to make a difference. We are going to take back our joy. We are going to take back our marriages. We are going to take back our friendships. We are going to empty the hospital beds. We are going to start fighting back for the Kingdom of Heaven, and the devil is afraid!

I have been through hell and back. That turn of phrase has more meaning to me now than it ever has. The devil tried to get me, he came up here to steal my joy, my peace, my life. But I stand here now and say YOU CAN’T HAVE ME! My path was chosen for me up until now, but I take back control and I CHOOSE to answer Gods call. I CHOOSE to lift up his name. I CHOOSE above all else, promise to do my very best to praise the name of the Father with my work and re-purposing. Devil, I am coming for my brothers and sisters, YOU CAN’T HAVE THEM EITHER! I am coming!!